It’s hard for men. Poor things.

Last week my newsfeed was full of people expressing sympathy for that 27 year old fella who got a custodial sentence for his conviction of engaging in sexual activity with a child and making and distributing indecent images.

The girl was 12. He met her on tinder where she was pretending to be 19. The things being said about the girl were absolutely sickening to read… How she’s a slut, a little whore who knew exactly what she was doing. And there was plenty more being said about women and girls in general being lying sluts who want to wreck men’s lives. And comments asking if we have SEEN twelve year old girls these days? Looking like hookers about the place. Manipulating men, teasing them, luring them into their evil traps.

Some points I want to make:

1. TWELVE. The girl was TWELVE YEARS OLD. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a child that young on tinder going to men’s houses is vulnerable. So even if people felt it was harsh on this guy because he wasn’t actively looking for a minor… Why weren’t they angry at the criminal justice system rather than at a troubled child? I’ll tell you why… Because it’s any fucking excuse to spew misogynistic shit to ‘prove’ that the war against men is real, motherfuckers!

Didn’t you know there are millions of 12 year old girls (and probably 11 and 10 year olds) tricking men like this. It happens every day. Damned sneaky little girls!

2. The man PLEADED GUILTY. He chose not to go to trial. So what the hell was a judge supposed to do? Change up the way things are done and say “so you’ve said you’re guilty in A COURT OF LAW. But, for a laugh, shall I ignore that and just let you off scott free you poor lamb?”

If someone stands in front of a judge and PLEADS GUILTY to something, all that’s left to do is dish out the punishment. But again, nobody was shouting about the injustice of the ‘process’ or asking why he entered a guilty plea. Nope. Only shouting about what a horrible, life ruining slag that girl is.

3. Regardless of any of the other details, people were expressing ABSOLUTE sympathy for, and defending a man who sent photos & video of the girl to his friends using disgusting language. Specifically how he had “nailed that bird” and that she was “filth”.

EVEN if she had been 19 and not 12…EVEN if she had posed for the pictures consensually… Sending them to his friend would be an offence in itself. He is no stand up guy – this behaviour in itself is fucking horrible and should be enough for most people not to bother wasting their time defending him. Sending those pictures and saying those things is NOT normal or acceptable.

4. Turns out he was wise not to go to trial. Because fuck me, he is a PREDATOR. He probably didn’t want his previous convictions potentially being disclosed at a trial. Or indeed for his other victims to find the courage to come forward afterwards…

And suddenly… nothing but silence from people who were, hours before, calling for all baby girls to be tattooed with their date of birth to protect men! (Seriously!)

Silence from the people who were saying these things: (Actual comments)

She’s a nasty little skank and I hope her parents are very proud. I bet she’ll keep doing it to other men.’

‘If it was the other way round there’s no way the woman would have to sign the register. No such thing as “male privelage”, in fact it’s the other way round if anything!’

‘Y can’t her pic b put up so no other guys fall victim to this little trollop’

‘Completely innocent man now has his life ruined by a little slag who’s no doubt done the same thing to more innocent men who are now shitting themselves in case she actually does decide to open her mouth.’

‘Pond scum, no doubt dragged up not brought up. Sickening. And yes, I do blame its parents.’

‘She’s the offender here, little lying bitch hungry for cock’

‘She intentionally set out to trap him. What was he supposed to do? ID her?’

‘What 12 yr old has a fucking body stocking?!! Really!! She should be punished! She’s ruined his life with her lies what a slag!!’

‘These bitches who claim there older when there minor. She’s the predator not him’

It’s seriously heartbreaking to see the things being said about the girl in this case. It’s terrifying to see things the things being said about women in general. To read how men are absolute victims of women and girls – truly believing that they are at constant risk of being falsely accused of rape. That they have need to ask for ID before having sex with a woman.

Maybe it IS scary for those poor men who specifically like to have sex with random younger women, living in real fear of those predatory girl children. I mean, suppose now they’ll have to get to know a woman before having sex with her.

It will probably be difficult and life changing for them to have to adjust their behaviour and beliefs about women and to start trying to view them as people and not just bodies to fuck.

So, for the majority of men who AREN’T freaked out by a constant threat of rape allegations against them – please, if you encounter men who aren’t sure how to navigate the world anymore, help us all out and share your secrets with them.

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